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Curcuma longa

Trade Name Turmeric
Common Name Haldi
Botanical Name Curcuma longa
Family Zingiberaceae
Synonyms Curcuma domestica, Haridra
Part used Rhizome
Product nature Dry turmeric rhizome



Murraya koenigii

Trade Name Curry leaves
Common Name Murraya koenigii
Botanical Name Rutaceae
Family Zingiberaceae
Synonyms Sweet neem leaves, Kadi patta
Part used Leaves
Product nature Dry curry leaves



Ocimum basilicum

Trade Name Basil
Common Name Great basil, Saint-Joseph’s-wort
Botanical Name Ocimum basilicum
Family Lamiaceae
Synonyms Sweet basil
Part used Seeds and leaves
Product nature Dry leaves of basil



Moringa oleifera

Trade Name Moringa
Common Name Drumstick tree
Botanical Name Moringa oleifera
Family Moringaceae
Synonyms Horseradish tree, ben oil tree, benzoil tree
Part used The bark, sap, roots, leaves, seeds, and flowers
Product nature Dried Moringa Leaves



Terminalia arjuna

Trade Name Arjuna
Common Name Arjun tree
Botanical Name Terminalia arjuna
Family Combretaceae
Synonyms Thella maddi, kumbuk, marudha maram, neer maruthu, Hole Matthi
Part used Bark and leaves
Product nature Dry Arjun Bark



Terminalia chebula

Trade Name Myrobalan
Common Name Black or chebulic myrobalan
Botanical Name Terminalia chebula
Family Combretaceae
Synonyms Black or chebulic myrobalan
Part used Seeds
Product nature Dry Myrobalan Seeds



Plectranthus barbatus

Trade Name Coleus
Common Name Forskohlii
Botanical Name Plectranthus barbatus
Family Lamiaceae
Synonyms Indian coleus, Garmar
Part used Root tubers
Product nature Dry Coleus Forskohlii



Azadirachta indica

Trade Name Neem
Common Name Neem
Botanical Name Azadirachta indica
Family Meliaceae
Synonyms Nimtree, Indian lilac
Part used Leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, roots and bark
Product nature Dried Neem leaves
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Herbcyte is India’s leading Wholesale suppliers dried and fresh herbs. We have a team of professionals / experts who are expertise in cultivating/processing and trading medicinal herbs of Indian origin. Herbcyte is to cater the domestic and global requirements of genuine conventional /organic herb raw materials. The best of quality of products include fresh and dried raw materials are supplied to various herbal product dealing industries and institutes. We have a stringent quality policy to cater only a good quality genuine herbs and nothing else.

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