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Trade Name Curry leaves
Common Name Murraya koenigii
Botanical Name Rutaceae
Family Zingiberaceae
Synonyms Sweet neem leaves, Kadi patta
Part used Leaves
Product nature Dry curry leaves


Dried Curry Leaves Suppliers


The dried curry leaves are used as a seasoning in southern and west-coast Indian cooking along with the vegetable oil, mustard seeds and chopped onions.

The dried curry leaves are also used as a herb in Ayurvedic and Siddha medicine as they are considered to have anti-diabetic , antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and hepato-protective properties.

The roots are used for treating body aches and the bark is used for relief from snake. Other health benefits of dried curry leaves include weight loss, treating diarrhea, morning sickness, and nausea, improving the eyesight, and reducing stress.They contain various antioxidant properties and have the ability to control gastro-intestinal problems such as indigestion, excessive acid secretion, peptic ulcers, dysentery, and an unhealthy cholesterol balance. They have cancer-fighting properties and are known to protect the liver.


Compounds found in  curry leaves, stems, bark, and seeds contain cinnamaldehyde and various carbazole alkaloids like mahanimbine, girinimbine, and mahanine.


Not for therapeutic purpose. To be used in ayurvedic preparation and formulations.

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